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Get ready for your personal Camino or St James way with Camino-Box.

Camino-Box makes your outdoor hiking tour to a real pilgrimage.

Camino-Box takes all of your odds and ends like needles and memos. The box already has 30 cards, printed on both sides, with experiences from your (upcoming) pilgrimage. The Camino-Box is your spiritual first aid kit for your pilgrimage, including practical helpers such as plasters and tweezers. You can put things in the box or leave out cards. With it you can not only adjust the weight, the box becomes your own. 

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the helping word that you cannot say to yourself

A possible text of our cards could be:

“I have to get out of here - away from all this self-centeredness and stress that surrounds my life.

My connection to God could be better described as “loose connection”.

Maybe he'll find me if I walk a little towards him. Actually, I would like to be found by God. But I don't know how to do that ...”

When making a pilgrimage, Christ goes with you on your way.

No connection to the church? Regardless of whether you are a practicing Christian or consider yourself to be remote from the church, the Camino-Box has the words for everyday pilgrimages. These can be words from the Bible, but also from John Lennon or Kurt Tucholsky.

The way is the goal and God is there.

The Camino-Box is your tool to give you the helping word that you cannot say to yourself. For preparation for your journey and being your companion on the way.

The Box

There are 30 pilgrimage cards in the box, text printed on both sides.

In addition to a few cards with basic texts such as the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary, the content consists of a comparison of a pilgrimage every-day situation with the helping word.

In addition to the spiritual food for the pilgrimage, there are also practical helpers for on the go, such as tweezers and plasters. 

Already well prepared? Found good shoes, a backpack and the route information? Packing list processed? But have you already thought of spiritual equipment for your pilgrimage?

This is not an unnecessary weight in the backpack, but helps to clear your head. 

For all pilgrims also for groups

Make the box your own.

I sort my cards. Some I leave at home, others I give away to newly found “soul mates” on the way. And I put in the box whatever else I take with me in the form of address slips, needles and other odds and ends. I read the card that's right for me during my break or in a church on my way.

The topics are indicated and the right card can be found quickly.

For groups and group leaders

Put God into words and make it tangible. The Camino-Box is suitable for all pilgrimage routes. With groups, I read a card at the beginning or end of a short break or prayer or in a church. Every group participant receives the box in preparation and on the way, it is easier for some to read a card than to find words on their own.
There are group discounts for purchases of 20 boxes or more.
for resellers


19,80 €

Art.-No. cb-1 | incl. Vat.

30 pilgrimage cards in the box, text printed on both sides


Are you a reseller and would like to set up the Camino Box? Please contact us.


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