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Camino Box | About us

The Camino-Box project

I am Bernd Reuss - “the Father of Camino Box”. This text is about me and why I made the Camino Box.

I was born and raised in Germany, but emigrated to Denmark decades ago. Today I live in Copenhagen and am actually an event manager for conferences for public transport.

Since my youth I have kept in touch with Bursfelde Monastery in Germany and have been there every now and then. Then came the day on which the “Loccum-Volkenroda” pilgrimage route was opened. It leads directly past the monastery and the old pigsty was converted into a pilgrims' hostel.

At some point the deacon of the monastery asked me if I could look after the pilgrims' hostel for a week as a hostel father. This is how I came into contact with pilgrimage life and became a pilgrim myself. I took my first pilgrimage routes in Germany and Denmark. I did my first Camino much later.

Off to new shores

I've always wanted to do the Camino-Box. I had carried the thought before me for years. There are enough pilgrim guides in book format, but they are so immutable. You have to take them with you as a whole or leave them at home entirely.

So off to new shores - and now the time has come, the first Camino-Box is ready. I can adapt the texts as well as whatever else is in it to suit my needs.

I no longer go on a pilgrimage without my Camino box. During a break, e.g. B. in the church, I look for the right card and if I / we are alone, then I read the card aloud in the church. There are addresses and other notepads in it, and a toothpick. The box is now my personal pilgrim's box for on the go - from which I can even hand it in.

Which pilgrim can give presents on the way?
You can do it with the Camino-Box.


19,80 €

Art.-No. cb-1 | incl. Vat.

30 pilgrimage cards in the box, text printed on both sides

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